The Sharpest B2B Social Media Monitoring Tools in the Shed – Part 3

As B2B marketers, it’s important for us to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and topics in a variety of industries. With the help of social media monitoring, we have the chance to observe our markets before we take any action; this helps to create the most efficient social media campaigns that will appeal to them. For my last post of this series, I have highlighted four more social media monitoring tools:

The Sharpest B2B Social Media Monitoring Tools in the Shed - Part 3Viralheat
Viralheat digs through a vast range of web material, including Twitter, Facebook, viral video, blogs, sites and more. With real-time capabilities, it will instantly alert you when any major content changes occur. The Geo Location feature allows you to confine your company’s profiles to any location in the world – a useful tool when it comes to regional marketing. Not only does Viralheat offer statistics, influence analytics and sentiment analysis, it analyzes all the mentions and viral content you need to get in the middle of your largest audiences. And, with its rewards program, you can earn 50% off your first payment by referring a customer (some stipulations apply).

The creators of Lithium believe that the best way to approach your target audience is to let them start the conversation. It all begins with figuring out what they’re saying and what they’re passionate about, and using that information to your advantage. Lithium’s buzz-tracking capability gives you real-time metrics on not only your buzz level, but those of your industry and your competitors. Any search you set up mines through millions of sources: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Other key features of Lithium’s social media monitoring program include frequent words analysis, automated sentiment, PDF reports and quote tracking.

Spiral16’s various social media monitoring tools assist marketers in generating what they need the most – leads. Understanding how others perceive your brand online can help you better target your audience in social media campaigns, as well as prepare you in case of a crisis. Like most social media monitoring tools, Spiral16 has the ability to help companies monitor their reputations, identify their influencers, measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and gather intelligence about their communities. The difference between Spiral16 and many of the other tools available is their 3D visual-mapping tool. The map is built to allow companies a quick understanding of the data that Spiral16 was able to capture, and can be simplified down to individual pages. Also, be on the lookout for an upgrade.

Brandwatch offers scalable options, from small monitoring projects to API integration, and if you can’t find a solution that works for you, it has the ability to create features specific to your needs. It not only lets you observe what people are saying about you and your competitors, it also allows you to join in on the conversation. Brandwatch has an entire team of analysts fluent in numerous languages to help interpret your data. As we know, the more comfortable you are with a product, the more efficient you will be – which is why Brandwatch allows you to create and customize your own reports and dashboards.

If you’re looking for even more social media monitoring tools, be sure to check out my previous blogs on the subject (Part 1 & Part 2). Stay tuned for my next blog series on email marketing services. Until then, has your company decided to take advantage of social media monitoring tools?