Think Like a Journalist to Create B2B Content that Connects and Converts

By Rachel Franco

With content playing a vital role in attracting, nurturing and converting prospects to customers, today’s B2B marketer needs a new playbook – a playbook that fortunately already exists. It’s one journalists use every day in producing targeted and differentiated content that keeps their readers engaged, reading and, just as importantly, sharing their content with others.

There are several journalism strategies I use to create compelling content for B2B companies. Here is one of my favorites.

Use Stories to ‘Show and Tell’.

What's your story?

Stories are powerful because they engage our emotions. Much like in the childhood game of ‘Show and Tell’, journalists don’t just state the facts; they use stories and images to demonstrate them. Because painting a picture in the reader’s mind really is worth more than a thousand words – stories make content, especially more complex or technical subjects, more relatable and easier to digest and understand.

Eccolo Media, in its 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, found that 68 percent of buyers find case studies “very” or “extremely influential” over their purchasing decisions. Why is this?

Case studies are, at their core, stories that ‘show’ buyers, in an engaging and authentic way (if written well!), how a company’s products or services solve problems for buyers like them. When buyers see themselves in your stories, they develop a natural affinity with said buyers and, in turn, your company.

So, I’m not suggesting you inject personal stories from your life about how your dog got sick and you had to rush her to the vet in the middle of the night. But think of ways you can bring content to life by sharing authentic stories about your brand that will connect with prospects and inspire them to take that next step in their buying cycle.

Implement this journalism tactic and your prospects will do more than just read your content – they’ll share it with others.

What tips might you add to this list?

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