This past week at MLT

A lot of great stuff has happened this past week at MLT Creative (the greatest B2B Marketing Agency on the planet). We have been super busy on all our accounts, as well as our latest new business outreach.

Sean – Paper Aerospace Engineer
Sean worked all last week on MLT’s latest new business outreach. I can’t go into full detail — it’s mostly Top Secret at this point. But I CAN tell you it involves a popular stomach relief medicine, a film canister and a sweet rocket designed by Sean “X-acto Blade” Borja. It’s all hush-hush, but I can give you a leaked photo from the MLT R&D Department.

Man on the Street
Our latest guerrilla marketing efforts are receiving some great pub on the news wire.
Man on the Street Marketing, a division of MLT Creative, focuses strictly on guerrilla marketing efforts for our clients. It’s a blast to work on, and allows us to do some pretty kick-ass creative work. From bucket drumming at construction industry tradeshows to interviewing consumers “on the street” to get their take on products and industries, Man on the Street is a great idea for businesses looking to make a splash on a limited budget.

The rest of last week was a blur. We’re launching our new Web site this week, so we are putting the finishing touches on it. It’s a great upgrade from what we’ve had up for the past five years (which is a little embarrassing). We have also been working with the city of Clarkston, GA (where MLT is located) outside of Atlanta on redeveloping their Web site. We’ve got a lot of good things going on, and I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Hope everyone had a good weekend.