Test flying the ten best website graders

Test Piloting the Top 10 Free Website Graders

In the spirit of going above and beyond, this blog will tread where none have gone before…

I will attempt something both dangerous and exciting. Not only will I present to you the best website grader tools available on the web today, I will attempt to grade the graders themselves. I will attempt to beat them at their own game as it were. Yes, I know, this is brave. I feel like Chuck Yeager must have felt climbing into the cockpit of his jet to break the sound barrier for the first time in history.

But history must be made, and B2B marketers and website developers must be helped. Each tool will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. So without further ado, I present to you (drum roll please)…

The Test Flight Scores:

1) HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

HubSpot Marketing Grader - Test Flight Score 6.0HubSpot’s Marketing Grader has been around for awhile now. Type in your website and you will get a general overview of your website. It looks at SEO, social, blogging, lead generation, and mobile. This grader doesn’t give you as many detailed insights as I would like. I’m going to give it a 6 out of 10.

MLT Creative Score: 80/100

2) UpCity

Up City - Test Flight Score 6.5

UpCity focuses on SEO. It measures how your website is doing with one keyword of choice compared to one competitor. It’s a pretty specific kind of report. You may have to run it multiple times with multiple keywords to find actionable insighs. I’m going to give it a 6.5.

Upcity doesn’t give you a score, but a host of insights.

3) Woorank

Woorank - Test Flight Score 6.5

Woorank gives you a lot of information, but a lot of it are basic statistics that you probably already know. Still, it’s a good report to get a more balanced understanding of your website. Once you grade your website, the page turns into an add for you to optimize your website with Woorank. 6.5 out of 10 is about right.

MLT Creative Score: 80.5/100

4) W3C Validator

W3C Validator - Test Flight Score 7.0

W3C Validatorshows you errors and weak points in your site’s HTML. This website grader could be very useful for website developers. I give it an 7.0.

W3C Navigator doesn’t provide you with a grade, only suggested improvements.

Moz - Test Flight Score 7.0
Moz Open Site Explorer is another SEO focused tool. Unlike other tools that focus on keywords, this one focuses on links. Used in concordance with a more keyword focused tool like UpCity’s, you could get a pretty comprehensive view of your website’s SEO. The free tool is only a demo of Moz’s much more indepth paid tool. I give this free demo a 7.0.

Moz Open Site Explorer doesn’t provide you with a grade, but does provide a host insights.

SEMrush - Test Flight Score 7.5

is the most comprehensive free tool that looks solely at SEO. They give you a host of free insights on keywords, links, how you compare to competitors and more. You can even look at how your doing in different countries. I’m going to give it a 7.5.

SEMrush doesn’t provide you with a grade, but does provide a host insights.

7) HubSpot’s Website Grader

HubSpot Website Grader - Test Flight Score 7.5

Husbpot Website Grader is HubSpot’s new and improved tool. This grader focuses on the performance of your website. It doesn’t look at your traffic, content, or social accounts. Also, it looks pretty. I give it a 7.5.

MLT Creative Score: 84/100

8) VisibleThread Clarity Grader

Visible Thread - Test Flight Score 8.5
VisibleThread Clarity Grader gives you insights into the readability of your website’s copy. It looks at sentence length, passive voice, consistency of language, and other factors to determine how clear your website is. It also gives you reasons why you should fix the problems it shows you. This free version only looks at 5 pages on your site. In order to get your full website graded, you have to pay. This grader can be extremely helpful for copywriters, and content marketers. I give this website grader an 8.5.

VisibleThread Clarity Grader doesn’t give you a score, but a host of insights.

9) Quicksprout

Quicksprout - Test Flight Score 8.5

Quicksprout’s editor shows you a range of useful insights from SEO to website speed to social media. There’s even an option where you can compare your website to up to three others. One slightly annoying thing – all the pop ups that keep popping up in your face. 8.5 it is.

MLT Creative Score: SEO Score: B, Speed Score: 87

10) Nibbler

Nibbler - Test Flight Score 9.5

Nibbler is extremely comprehensive. It gives you tons of insights on your website’s performance, content, traffic, social engagement for connected accounts, and lots of other helpful metrics. Like HubSpot’s website grader, it’s also very pretty. In my opinion, this is the best website grader out there. I’ll give it a 9.0 and call it a day.

MLT Creative Score: 8.6/10


All this website grading can easily get a little depressing.Chances are you may discover that your website needs more work than you thought.The good new is, you’re not alone.

MLT Creative builds websites for a living and we didn’t get perfect scores either.

HubSpot, the #1 marketing website in the world got a 8.6 on Nibbler. I don’t believe there’s a website in existence that could score a 100% on all these graders.

Also, while these are the best website graders known to man, they aren’t perfect. If you assess your website multiple times with the same grader, you will probably see your score change. If you got an 85 and your competitor got an 86, don’t get too upset. This may not mean that your competitor really has the upper hand.

Are you still upset with your websites scores? Don’t worry, we’re here to help, feel free to reach out to us.

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