Morris Presents “Translating Buyer Insights into Ad Campaigns” for @MarketingProfs

Scientific research related to human behavior has given us so much information regarding why we do the things we do. However, finding that information,– as well as understanding it,– may prove difficult for many outside of academia who would like to incorporate this research into their own marketing strategies and campaigns.

Marketing Profs Digital Advertising AcademyA featured webinar in the MarketingProfs University’s Digital Advertising Academy, Translating Buyer Insights into Ad Campaigns can help you do this by teaching you certain theories and concepts that explain how we think and why we make decisions. Then, after understanding more about human behavior, this course helps you ask the right questions with your own target audience in order to unearth information you can incorporate in your own marketing campaigns to motivate their buying behavior.

And finally, since research with your target audience is the most important part of any marketing campaign, this course concludes by offering you numerous guidelines to help you throughout your own research with your target audience. And it of course discusses how mediated communication plays a part in your marketing strategy as well.

About MarketingProfs Digital Advertising Academy

Featuring MLT Creative’s Director of Buyer Behavior, Vann Morris

Live, online classes June 7-–14, 2012. Access recordings for 12 months!

In this special one-week MarketingProfs University course, you’ll quickly learn things like how to get inside your buyers’ heads to figure out what works and what doesn’t, avoiding commonly made creative mistakes, and how to move buyers down your funnel to a point where they’re begging to take action. In addition, you’ll find out how to keep your brand relevant and (most importantly) top of mind.

During this eight-session week of digital learning, MLT’s own buyer behaviorist, Vann Morris will present a live session with intellectual analyses on Translating Buyer Insights Into Effective Ad Campaigns.

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