Unlock the Power of B2B Content Marketing through Video

These days, digital strategists know how to incorporate SEO & SEM techniques, build creative & dynamic websites and incorporate social forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other mediums to create a digital footprint for their clients.

Once you have the infrastructure and strategy in place, not surprisingly, strategists must focus their attention to content. Not just any content, but sustainable information that is relevant, kept fresh and supports the value proposition to your market. More and more marketers are discovering that no digital plan is complete without the incorporation of the visual experience of video.

video in b2b content marketingI agree with Monica Romeri, Principal at Darwin Digital Content, in her post The Importance of Video in Social Media Marketing, that digital marketers should use their online social strategy to drive their audience to a targeted landing page that engages them with video to entertain and engage – driving your value proposition and allowing your followers to share your video with their network.

After meeting several marketing professionals that specialize in video production and its incorporation of video in driving marketing strategies, I learned about some great utilization of this new medium in the marketplace. Imagine the ability to select your primary care doctor by watching a short video about their approach and practice, as opposed to reading their bio. In fact, more and more inside sales professionals are using video to provide basic product demos, reducing the need for travel and lowering the cost of lead generation by allowing their prospects to view their value proposition prior to engaging in the sales process.

But making a compelling and professional video is not something I recommend you film in your conference room. If you don’t have an in house studio, it is critical that you use an outside professional video agency to ensure the sound, quality, and script aligns to your corporate brand and resonates with your marketplace, unless the grainy homespun video is part of your creative strategy.

And like all content, except for maybe biographical or static information, you must keep your video content updated and fresh to not only keep your customers returning and engaged, but to attract new prospects to your video experience.

So the next time you develop your digital marketing strategy, spend a few bucks and produce a video. You may discover that your online audience will react and engage in ways that exceed your expectations.


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David Reap-Marketing Strategist-MLT Creative

David Reap ( @davidreap ) is a Marketing Strategist at MLT Creative.  For over 20 years, David has been helping businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, build sales & marketing solutions that drive lead generation, customer acquisition, retention and market expansion.  He is a Purdue University graduate, with a passion for uncovering the latest social marketing solutions that drive sales.