Up Close & Persona™: Create Your B2B Buyer Persona Today!

Whenever you tweet a story or update your status, chances are you are ‘picturing’ a person on the other end that will care what you have to say. Sometimes it may be an actual person, other times it may just be a type of person or a mixture of several people; but either way, you have some sort of recipient that you think will care.

The same is true with buyer personas; they are a picture of the type of customer you think cares about what you have to say. And by the time you have built out your buyer persona, you have actually thought about every factor involved in the buying decision and developed relevant content that speaks to those factors; so in fact, they do care what you have to say.

Up Close & Persona logoBut if you ever tried to create a b2b buyer persona, and you are anything like me, then it is the issue of creating this picture that may be the most difficult of all. For example, to create a buyer persona you need to know smaller details (e.g. your prospect’s age and how long they’’ve been in the position) as well as larger ones (e.g. current trends in your prospect’s industry). To try and balance all these variables in your head can often be so overwhelming you may not even know where to start.

However, the Up Close & Persona™ tool removes this hurdle. It is the first b2b buyer persona tool developed with an industry leader on buyer personas, Ardath Albee. The Up Close & Persona™ tool helps you think about all these different variables, by asking them in a way that allows your brain to process each discrete category in order to then create the whole.

There is no issue of being overwhelmed, because the Up Close & Persona™ tool was created to overcome that obstacle. And it works. And since there are so many variables involved in a b2b buyer persona, the tool allows you to save your work as you go; so you can keep finding answers to the questions along the way, and the tool even gives you tips on where to go for the answers.

So if you haven’’t yet created a buyer persona with the Up Close & Persona™ tool then I highly recommend you start immediately. With Up Close & Persona™ available, there’’s seriously no reason not to be using buyer personas.

Start creating your B2B Buyer Personas today!