The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of Inbound Marketing in 2017

Among 6,000 marketing professionals, do you know the number one priority for 2017? What’s the lowest priority? And how have things changed among your peers?

If you are interested in how other marketing and sales professionals are dealing with the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of Inbound Marketing, let me introduce you to everything you could possibly want to know in the form of the freshly-minted 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Report.

State of Inbound 2017 eBookAccess this FREE Report from the people that wrote the book on Inbound Marketing now and gain a better perspective on just about everything under the sun related to Inbound.

Although our Atlanta B2B Marketing Agency is a HubSpot Partner, we are first and foremost HubSpot Users ourselves. In fact, MLT Creative is proud to host the monthly meetups of the Atlanta HubSpot Users Group (HUGATL) where we gather with other HubSpot users. Corporate marketing people, small business marketers, sales execs, marketing agencies and freelancers come together to share best practices, learn from leading experts, and enjoy each other’s company, good food, and cold beer. Occasionally, we’ll even host special visitors from HubSpot when they come down from Boston. And many of us make the trip to HubSpot’s hometown each year for the INBOUND CONFERENCE. Maybe I’ll see your there this year for INBOUND 2017.

Mastering the art and science of Inbound Marketing is a challenge as great as building the best possible website. Neither are ever really finished because there’s always room to improve and “never quit learning” is a required mindset.

In addition to downloading your copy of this newly-released report, have you checked out all the training courses and certifications that are available at the HubSpot Academy? Speaking from recent first-hand experience, If I can keep learning new stuff from the HubSpot Academy, so can you. No excuses. Inbound Marketing is not for lightweights or lazy people.

Now I have to quit writing and start reading my copy of the report. I’ll follow up with some good questions, suggestions, and ideas based on the report in subsequent posts. And I’m interested in what you think too if you care to share a comment or question.