Visual Tactics: Online Video on the Rise

A recent headline from eMarketer trumpeted Marketers Eye Online Video in 2009. Although it’s no surprise that this particular visual medium is advancing and will be a more important part of our Internet-affected, instantly gratified lives on a regular basis, I’m curious about some of the associated details.

Visual Tactics: Online Video on the RiseAs you can see, video gets the attention of about two-thirds of marketers. Pretty significant. But even more curious is that 4 out of 10 are also eyeing social media. Not bad for a niche resource that seemed relegated to the under-21 demographic until recently. In just the past couple years or so, this tactic has emerged into the mass-marketing light with a respectable place just behind online video in emarketers’ plans.

It’s good to see podcasts are part of more mainstream thinking, and that marketers haven’t forgotten about that online flagship:— search. But what’s happened to banner ads? Perhaps they’ve gone the way of highway billboards —ubiquitous and therefore invisible, except when you’re really hungry.

Also curious was the notable absence of e-mail marketing. According to PermissionTV, survey participants were not asked about their e-mail budget plans. They say the tactic is a staple for interactive campaigns, but spending on e-mail is far lower than for many other formats.

This absence of data capture infers non-usage. I wonder if innovations and upgrades have lowered implementation costs, and thus relegated this staple tactic to the bargain basement? My experience tells me that a targeted e-mail marketing is a tried-and-true methodology, and should be considered significantly for any online marketing strategy.