What’s the Next Big Idea in B2B?

It’’s a question you may often think about,– I sure do.

As I was pondering this topic the other day, it occurred to me to Google “b2b predictions” to see what others may have said on the subject. There were many articles from this time last year full of insightful predictions for 2010, and a few recent ones for 2011. I recognized a few of the authors as people I’’ve met and become familiar with via Twitter.

Then I had another idea. Why not pose this question on Twitter to the B2B marketing experts I trust?

Here are 11 tweeted predictions for 2011 from B2B tribal leaders in blogging, social media, content marketing, public relations, marketing automation, inbound marketing, lead generation and more who were nice enough to respond.

Crystal Ball - What's the next big idea in B2B Marketing@markwschaefer Mark Schaefer
Look for social optimization to augment traditional SEO as companies establish a meaningful, relevant digital footprint.

@elizabethsosnow Elizabeth Sosnow
Extracting insights from your data storehouse and online footprint = Critical B2B battle that seems to lack foot soldiers at the moment.

@mvolpe Mike Volpe
What’s next in B2B is for B2B to start to market more like B2C,– focus on the experience, the brand and the relationship.

@dougkessler dougkessler
The next big B2B idea: Take over the Sales Force. Unite sales & marketing into one revenue generation machine. No more silos. No more leaks.

@BrennerMichael Michael Brenner
The Social Enterprise! Social moves beyond marketing & PR to customer service (as has already happened in B2C) and importantly to B2B sales!

@ardath421 Ardath Albee
The next BIG idea to be executed well by B2B marketers is personas. The idea exists, but the execution is poor making content = noise. TMI.

@TomPick Tom Pick
Making social media, SEO, analytics and PR efforts work together.

@Szetela David Szetela
Cross-channel marketing, the technical pieces are coming together.

@juntajoe Joe Pulizzi
Smart B2B companies will become the de facto media companies for their industry niches. For those that don’t build, look for them to buy.

@damphoux Mike Damphousse
Big idea for #B2B: Back to basics. Demand gen programs should educate prospects & result in face time for sales.

@PaulMcKeon Paul McKeon
Billy, I think the next big idea is the “return” of the big idea to B2B marketing. We’re all too obsessed with process and measurement.

You may be familiar with most, if not all, of these B2B marketing experts. I follow each of them for different reasons, and all of them have helped me grow my mind and my business for the past two years. If you don’’t already follow them, maybe the best idea I can give you is to start now.

The the next big idea in B2B is something we explore every day at MLT Creative. For more about that, check out the video below.

What do you think is the next big idea in B2B? What does 2011 hold? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.