WhichTestWon.com: This Marketer’s Dream

I am a firm believer in the importance of testing in B2B marketing, which is why I love WhichTestWon.com. I’ve already written several posts examining the site’s individual case studies, but I’’d also like to talk about the site in general.

About Which TestWon.com

WhichTestWon.com is the industry’’s number one weekly newsletter on conversion optimization, featuring 150+ case studies with real-life results data on A/B split tests of landing pages, lead generation forms, and email campaigns. It’’s published by Anne Holland Ventures, a company that produces niche B2B publications.

I was lucky enough to speak with Holland about WhichTestWon, which was extremely interesting, as she has a 25-year history in B2B marketing. Holland also had a brief stint in B2C, but did not like mass marketing because it wasn’’t as inherently targeted or precise as B2B. In fact, she said B2C could learn a lot from B2B in that regard,– a comment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Why Should You Care?

which test won?Anne started her publishing company to give marketers the kind of training and research she wished had been available when she started out. WhichTestWon is a true testament to this. Many marketers today simply don’’t do enough online testing. They either think they can’’t, think it’’s not worth the investment, or simply aren’’t educated about it’s importance.

But with the continual partial attention people experience today, the ability to keep someone on your website or get them to click through a newsletter is increasingly difficult. Therefore, finding the variables that are most effective for conversion is crucial in figuring out what works,– and what doesn’’t, – with your particular target audience. WhichTestWon understands this and reports on it every week. I would highly recommend signing up for it’s weekly newsletter, and since I’’ve learned a lot from their cross-promotion classes I would recommend taking those as well.

Check It Out!

Before concluding, I would like to note that WhichTestWon does not create the tests and are not a testing consulting company. Instead, they report on testing in order to educate the marketing community about it’s importance. How cool is that? They noticed a need and developed a publication to serve that need. So check out the site; I think you’’ll learn a lot about not only testing, but how you can incorporate that testing into your own B2B marketing efforts.