Why Gamification Matters in B2B Marketing

We often think of a change as a long and arduous process. But the truth is, it can happen quickly if the change relates to something we find important. And the internet offers that. It allows us to immerse ourselves in another “world” with the click of a mouse, and to socially interact with people despite their physical location.

Simply put, the internet offers things we find enjoyable,— that’’s why we use it.

gamificationThe internet also allows for the concept of gamification (gay-muh-fic-ay-shun), the use of game design techniques to enhance non-game contexts. Gamification is not just about badges; it’’s a technique that employs our natural desire to play games. This can include badges, but it also includes levels, awards, currency, and myriad other game-like techniques.

We like the concept of achievement; we like learning and mastering new things. And gamification allows us to take advantage of this behavior in a very unique way. It allows us to focus on this behavior and emotionally satisfy the customer, which keeps the customer coming back. As with the internet, it offers what we find inherently satisfying.

So if you don’’t know about gamification in B2B marketing, you need to. It can improve brand loyalty and ROI.

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