‘Why ignore B2B blogging?’ Guest post by Mark Schaefer

This month we are pleased to have Mark Schaefer, B2B marketing expert share his thoughts and expertise on blogging in our upcoming webinar.

Do a search on B2B blogging best practices. Go ahead I’ll wait …

What did you find? Probably nothing, at least nothing of any substance. Isn’t it amazing that a strategic marketing initiative that is so vital has been ignored for so long?

B2B Blogging supports B2B MarketingI’m happy to say that will be changing April 14.

MLT Creative has asked me to kick off a series of webinars with a fast-paced session on “B2B Blogging: Best Practices and Blunders.”

This is not going to be like any webinar you’ve attended before. We’ll be offering fresh perspectives based on the latest research and best practices, including:

  • The practical commercial benefits of blogging
  • Six ways to use your blog as an effective sales agent
  • The biggest mistakes you’ve probably never considered
  • The secret sauce to boost your B2B blog

And here’s the word you’ve been waiting for. It’s FREE! You probably just said aloud “Wow. What a deal. How can it get better than that?”

Believe it or not it can! Every webinar registrant will also receive a free eBook on B2B blogging, the first of two eBooks on blogging I’m creating for MLT Creative.

Now it’s time to register. All the details will appear before your eyes when you click HERE!