ELI Inc.

“The team at MLT has worked closely in collaboration with our marketing, sales and product development since 2011. During that time we have worked to develop our website as the center of our marketing efforts, creating a better platform for telling our story and engaging with both clients and prospects. It has been exciting to see the results. We also look forward to continuously improving our efforts with MLT.”

– Stephen M. Paskoff, Esq.
President & CEO – ELI Inc.

From its roots in Sexual Harassment Training and related programming designed to change workplace behavior and minimize legal risk, ELI has continued to evolve since its establishment in 1986.

Today, building on the philosophy of its founder and President Stephen M. Paskoff, Esq., a former EEOC trial attorney and management law firm partner, ELI provides a variety of programs and services that teach professional workplace conduct, helping clients translate their values into behaviors, increasing employee contribution, building respectful and inclusive cultures, and reducing legal and ethical risk. Since the company’s inception, more than one million people around the globe have participated in ELI training, building practical skills that help bring to life their organization’s commitment to civility, fairness, and professionalism in the workplace.

Central to ELI’s marketing program is developing and telling the compelling story of a new ELI – in terms that resonate with their audience to generate business interest and inquiry. A key to success is keeping the ELI opportunity in front of prospective customers on an ongoing basis. And a well-conceived positioning must provide the solid foundation for all branded communications. The plan relies on an integrated balance of traditional marketing and high-engagement content-driven inbound marketing to build preference at each stage of the buying cycle among ELI prospects and clients.

Jan-Feb 2012:

  • Homepage redesign and migration of previous website to dynamic CMS.
  • Design and pre-press production of new brochure and presentation folder.


  • Roll out with the Linkedin “bootcamp”
  • Complete redesign and content of the new ELI site in APRIL 2012 to coincide with the introduction of a new product line.
  • Assisting ELI with integration of content strategy, lead gen and analytics along with integration with Salesforce.

May-Dec 2012:

  • A collaborative working relationship to create and optimize content and deploy it across a comprehensive inbound marketing effort with supplemental investments in conventional direct marketing efforts (email, precision targeted direct mail, etc.)