Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you’re asking! There are many reasons, first and foremost is that we love and live B2B marketing. We are focused on getting our clients the best results they can achieve using a combination of inbound and traditional techniques. We also believe and use these techniques for our own marketing, which is probably how you found us.

Our project pricing is based on 30 years of experience with similar past projects, and we offer a “no-charge” consultation with your team about the project and your goals. Each estimate is custom and designed to match the customer’s needs and appropriate spend. If you have a budget in mind, share it with us, and we will share what we can accomplish for that amount.

Your website will fall into a range between $15,000 to $35,000, depending on a variety of factors, such as page count, complex additions like database-driven forms, e-commerce capabilities, nurturing workflow creation with landing pages, integration with your marketing automation system and the migration of existing content as well as the creation of new content. We have built websites on a variety of platforms and are very experienced in the HubSpot COS and WordPress CMS. Contact us for a “no-charge” consultation and we can give you an accurate proposal based on your exact needs and budget.

For ongoing content marketing programs, constructing a new inbound framework or consistent, ongoing needs, we offer clients retainer solutions to help them budget expenses. A normal retainer budget starts at $5,000/month and goes up to $10,000/month. The price ranges from $5,000/month to $10,000/month, based on client needs, timeframe and types of projects requested. All retainer hours are value rated and tracked in monthly reports.

There are several factors that affect this, but you normally see results within 6-9 months. The amount of content being created on a consistent basis is a major factor. 20 blogs a month with three pieces of higher-value content will get results much quicker than five blogs a month and one piece of high-value content. Inbound marketing takes time and effort, but is very powerful once a plan is developed, implemented. Just be aware that this process takes time.

It is not mandatory, but it does allow us to meet your goals in an efficient and effective manner. No marketing automation software can make decisions for you − that is where MLT Creative comes in. By measuring and analyzing the resulting data from HubSpot, our talented team can make the best decisions and offer direction for next steps. Some clients can learn how to analyze HubSpot for themselves and only need us for minor assistance once their program is up and running. Other customers, with advanced needs, often require a larger team to get the best results.

No. HubSpot has a three-tier pricing system: basic, professional or enterprise. Your specific marketing needs will lead you to the correct level of service. You can learn more about what services are included in each tier on HubSpot’s pricing page. If you need assistance in deciding what is best for you, we will be happy to consult with you to find the best fit.

We like to start new engagements in a three-stage process:

  1. Initial Assessment
    In an hour, we listen to your goals, ask the right questions and start building the groundwork to see if our firms are a good fit. We will come back with an inbound marketing plan, commitments we will need from you and pricing based on what we feel will most effectively get you where you want to be. There is no charge for the call or the plan. We will be asking you for some time and commitment in gathering intelligence that will give us insight into your business. If we come to a meeting of the minds, we sign a contract that specifies costs for each stage of your campaign.
  2. Foundation Building
    We develop the initial content and workflows, construct or refine your website as needed and install a starter social media structure for promotion and engagement. This will be the foundation needed to attract leads and begin to nurture them and usually takes 30-60 days.
  3. Adding the Fuel
    During a 3-month retainer period, we continue to develop content, build engagement, analyze and measure your HubSpot dashboard results to continue enhancing your results to reach your goals.

Following this initial 6-month process, we consult with you, discuss where the plan needs to go next and mutually agree on a 12-month retainer so that we can keep your inbound engine firing on all cylinders.

We develop and publish content using several methods, based on the needs of the plan and the commitment from the customer. We can assist your staff in creating content that we further develop, or we can interview subject matter experts within your company on a regular basis to pinpoint content ideas that we can develop with our writers or additional outside sources.

In certain industries, there is no substitute for the experts in your firm. In those cases, we use interviews and “explainer” sessions, taking your thoughts, opinions and ideas and developing them into valuable content and blogs. Your answers to common customer questions can be an invaluable resource for remarkable ideas. We can assist you by doing what we do best, assessing the raw information and developing relevant content within that information in the form of videos, infographics, industry reports, survey results, etc.

No. We set up retainers for 12-month periods, but we don’t hold you hostage. If at any time you feel MLT Creative is not delivering what you need, just let us know, and we can find a suitable end to the agreement. We want you to be delighted and reaching your goals.

We wish we could make that guarantee but, unfortunately, we can’t. There are many factors that can “make or break” this process. Little customer commitment, insufficient budget or timeframe to achieve results, lack of effective sales process, unattractive product or service and other issues can make the goals for an inbound program unattainable. Most of these issues we attempt to uncover before we start working with you, and if we don’t think we can be successful, we will tell you why.

We CAN guarantee the following:

From the first day, you will have a dedicated team of MLT Creative professionals that care about your satisfaction, reaching your goals, learning your sales process and building your business.

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