How can our 8,000 instructors share advice and insights with each other?

website DESIGN

Client: ELI Inc.
Project: CIC microsite rebranding

ELI Inc. (Employment Learning Innovations) teaches organizations how to build a Civil Treatment® Workplace that prevents such workplace issues as bullying, harassment and discrimination. Over 8,000 instructors have become certified in their unique, interactive learning methodology – and ELI wanted to create a forum where these like-minded professionals from around the globe could share advice, insights and lessons learned.

MLT Creative created a password-protected website available only to ELI certified instructors. The secure website houses ELI certified resources (such as legal resources and program overviews), an active blog, PowerPoint presentations for instructors to use to teach to their own organizations, as well as an Implementation Toolbox to assist instructors in the implementation process. It also includes a forum where the certified instructors can ask questions and share advice.