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website design

Client: SAP Sybase
Project: Powerbuilder Website

The Sybase PowerBuilder product lays legitimate claim to being “the market’s most powerful and productive business application development tool.” But that’s just part of the story, as the MLT Creative team learned quickly through extensive interviews with the broad community of accomplished users, individual and corporate advocates, and passionate PowerBuilder team members. MLT Creative team was assigned the task of capturing the spirit of the PowerBuilder community within a new lead-generation website. PowerBuilder had long been represented deep within the large Sybase corporate website, but MLT recommended building a distinct new lead-gen website.

From concept to content to full web development, MLT unveiled a robust, well-optimized website featuring user videos, case studies, hands-on tools – and a full library of high-value content that continues to drive quality conversions. And true to the intent of the site, the new MVP Blog keeps the pulse of innovation and attracts members of the community and the broader industry.