How do we bring clarity and consistency to re-establishing our brand?

brand identity

Client: Manheim
Project: Brand architecture

As a highly entrepreneurial company, Manheim has long encouraged its employees to develop new products and services that meet the needs of its used car dealer audience. But over the years, these products and services were promoted inconsistently from location to location, with varying logos, marketing campaigns and sales support. In an increasingly competitive industry, Manheim realized it was actually diluting it’s brand, and took a proactive step to centralized and consistent branding for the dealer audience.

Manheim challenged MLT Creative to develop a new brand architecture to promote its internal-facing departments, units, groups and initiatives, as well as external-facing products and services identities. This new architecture was crafted into easily identifiable logo tiers, in which the shape of a logo distinguishes where in the brand hierarchy that product or service lives. The resulting graphic standards document is an intuitive resource now a used around the world. MLT also developed rollout recommendations to assure across-the-board adoption of these new branding standards.