How do we centralize partner event promotions and enhance the program?


Client: Manheim
Project: Various print/digital media

For individual Manheim locations and national partners/consignors, direct marketing has long been the preferred channel to market frequent auctions, add-on services/incentives and special events. Over time, however, these locally produced, location-specific mailers, faxes and emails led to inconsistent promotions, compromised branding and uneven frequency – all amid flagging auction attendance. With 80+ Manheim locations nationwide and 30+ active national consignors – as well as strict brand guidelines and frequent sales at multiple locations – it was clear a centralized solution was necessary to manage consignor brand sales at all Manheim locations.

The resulting plan used direct corporate involvement to streamline Manheim’s time-sensitive direct mail and email promotions. MLT Creative became the sole source for sales promotions involving any National Account consignors that partner with Manheim. The solution enhanced promotion presentations, accurate and on-time mailer and email delivery, provided a much-needed recommitment to branding, and even promoted online and/or simulcast buying. MLT provided a framework for the program, ideation support for promotions, and hands-on communications to help drive auction attendance and, ultimately, sales. Since the program’s inception, both online sales and auction attendance have increased steadily, despite a slow economy.