How do we enable our key channel to capitalize on increased lighting renovation activity?

sales program

Client: Acuity Brands Renovation
Project: Renovation Facility Solution Guide

With tax incentives and government credits for energy-efficient lighting driving a renewed investment in commercial and industrial buildings, Acuity Brands Renovation went to work enabling its key channels. The company maintains strong partnerships with its network of distributors, called Lighting Management Contractors (LMCs), who sell Acuity Brands products to their customers (end-users).

So, the challenge presented here was two-fold:

  1. Develop a branded partner program to attract top LMC professionals to the network
  2. Support LMC sales partners with quality marketing materials geared to end-users

Supporting Acuity Brands’ partner strategy, MLT Creative named and forged an identity for a new LMC outreach: EnergyLink. One of the program’s first priorities was creating elegant, LMC-focused literature that would introduce EnergyLink’s unique offerings. Resulting design standards would also be incorporated in marketing tools for the end-user audience.

To help LMCs engage end-users, MLT Creative produced the Renovation Facility Solution Guide, featuring custom-drawn isometric renderings, before/after photos and impactful energy savings data. MLT also delivered a full redesign of Acuity’s website. For the first time, the site features an advanced product search, contextual/visual product examples, ROI and payback schedules, and refreshed site content. MLT worked seamlessly with the Acuity Brands web team to assure that designs and functionality conformed to the existing platform. With an expanded LMC network and streamlined marketing resources within the channel, Acuity Brands Renovation has successfully harnessed the recent lighting renovation boom.