How do we leverage safety as a brand promise and a competitive advantage?


Client: Airgas
Project: Safe Ammonia Facilities Education (SAFE)

When you’re a leading national distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia, safety is more than a recommended best practice – it’s a necessity. In fact, Airgas leads the industry with its comprehensive approach to safety, exemplified by its Safe Ammonia Facilities Education (SAFE) program. Airgas enlisted MLT Creative to shape up its sales communication resources – which included sales sheets, brochures, proposal folders, etc. – but what started as a collateral discussion would eventually evolve into a fundamental branding initiative.

In conceiving a unified program approach, the MLT Creative team was compelled by an underlying emphasis on safety, and brought it to the forefront as a key differentiator. In doing so, the program found a relevant platform, a voice that supported each Airgas product and practice at every location across the country. It began with an explicit brand promise – “Safety in Everything We Do” – and carried that message over to describe Airgas’s drivers and technicians, its trucks and trailers, and its products and delivery practices. The sales team was already adept at “talking the talk”; now their support resources are aligned with a powerful, credible brand promise.