How do we make a splash to motivate key distributors?


Client: BioGuard
Project: &#39Clear Water/Clean Fun&#39

BioGuard enlisted MLT Creative to create a fresh dealer awareness campaign to drive the successful rollout of a new product packaging design and sales strategy. This critical campaign would introduce the new packaging in a manner pool dealers could relate to and embrace. Prior to this redesign, BioGuard had been using the same packaging and sales strategy since 1996, so overcoming dealer skepticism toward the new look, especially in cloudy economic times, was extremely important.

This undertaking would require careful choreography and relevant messaging to make a proper impact. MLT Creative developed a messaging strategy conveying that dealers were not just selling pool chemicals; they were selling “Clear Water and Clean Fun.”  This set an embraceable foundation for the campaign, which included multiple waves of versioned direct mail, fax and email communications – each inviting dealers to visit the campaign’s “Splash Page.”  This messaging was also built into an all-important personalized outreach initiative. As a result of this campaign, 90 percent of BioGuard platinum dealers are now “in the clear” on the new packaging (1,009), and 54 percent of the target audience logged in to the Splash Page (612).