How do we marry digital and print to make a print-industry splash?


Client: Unisource
Project: porcelainECO &#39Put It In Play Giveaway&#39

Unisource actively engages its partner printers with viable new products and relevant best practices to bring to their customers. But, in an increasingly online world, the print industry must be creative to stay relevant – so topics like sustainability, green printing and new technology can give printers a meaningful platform. Getting through to a disparate group of busy printers was a challenge that Unisource met with a novel strategy and bold execution.

Unisource looked to MLT Creative to help build an integrated promotion around a new, “green” paper product called porcelainECO. Its powerful incentive grabbed instant attention, and the promotion utilized multiple channels – as well as digital enhancements like QR codes and a mobile landing page – to generate buzz and participation. Social media was used to amplify the communications. Participation in this promotion was overwhelming, and the effective use of digital assets generated a deep interest and ongoing discussion among the printer audience. Orders for porcelainECO have been notable since this rollout and, in the process, Unisource has shored up its role as industry advocate and valued partner.