How do we pack some punch into our industry focus group event?


Client: Manheim
Project: ‘Heavy Hitters’ Conference & Training Camp

Manheim Heavy Truck & Equipment (HT&Eq) approached MLT Creative for help promoting an upcoming focus group meeting targeted at top-tier heavy truck and equipment dealers. This was a critical gathering of high-level executives; a chance to not only thank these top customers but, more importantly, to gather input regarding what was working, what wasn’t, and other perspectives that would help HT&Eq in its operations, marketing and technology.

Due to the top-tier nature of the attendees, MLT Creative named the event “Heavy Hitters Conference & Training Camp,” and utilized boxing gloves as the main focus of the branded look. MLT promoted the event in advance via print invitations and follow-up emails. The event itself was branded throughout, and offered promotional gifts such as Heavy Hitters-branded boxing gloves and button-up shirts. After the event, MLT developed a Heavy Hitters Playbook summarized everything discussed at the meeting, which was distributed to all attendees. The event was a huge success, and HT&Eq not only utilized its attendees’ feedback in future initiatives, but also plans to continue the event in the future.