How do we strengthen the bond between our card and our customers?

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Client: AuctionACCESS
Project: ‘Not Just a Card’ Campaign

An inherent benefit of AuctionACCESS is that the enrollment process ensures every dealer carrying an AuctionACCESS card is legitimate, licensed, in good standing and entitled to enter and participate in wholesale auctions. Unfortunately, many dealers do not keep their membership information up to date, which increases exposure to fraud for both the auctions and the dealers.

Knowing that an auction-mandated dealer renewal campaign was imminent, yet still in the distant future, MLT Creative created an awareness campaign that would soften the beach for dealers who would later be required to review their AuctionACCESS membership. The headline, “It’s not just a card – it’s your business,” reminded dealers that AuctionACCESS membership should not be taken for granted by drawing a correlation between protecting their membership information and protecting their business. Place-based point-of-sale at more than 200 wholesale auctions carried this message, along with print ads in select trade publications.